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Regeneration sets out historic market’s stall for the future – Greenwich Market

Published in Architects Datafile, September 2016

Greenwich Market has adapted over the centuries, but has its latest regeneration, realised in the wake of a high-profile failure, future-proofed it? Amy Dron finds out.

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Journey to Labour

The electric rooster sounds its call as
morning London crawls from depths of slumber.
Blankets are removed, sleepy carcasses
reluctantly shooed towards day ahead.

Gears are ground as bodies are slowly wound,
creeping towards the pay to which they’re bound.
Minds keep pace, edging back to the rat race,
the struggle between survival and grace.

Ablutions are performed as another
day is scorned across the metropolis.
Fuel consumed, flavour of the day exhumed:
More of the same in this urban soul drain.

On to street, pounding the beat, already
sensing heat from the waiting industries.
Dreaming is shelved as reality delves,
mining the spirit from the guys and girls.

Cargo, funnelled in a tube, off to be
enacted where taxes are extracted;
another pack of meat destined for the
toiler’s rack goes rumbling along the track.

Amy Dron

Wild West End: Greening London

Land surface temperature London ∏ Arup copy
Published October 2015, Design and Build Review

The Crown Estate is proposing a ‘green corridor’ across its portfolio in London.  Amy Dron finds out more about the project and why it is crucial that cities encourage biodiversity

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